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Scale AI

For Babel, Scale AI is a concept that plays a key role in the consumption of artificial intelligence (AI)-based services and solutions

Labelling data for AI training is based on labelling the data with which large companies train their AI models. This provides high quality models for applications for their accuracy and score.

This not only impacts the scope and applications of AI but is interconnected with the Generative AI Platform projects and services. Scale AI enables enterprises to optimise and capitalise on their centralised cloud infrastructures to address "real" Generative AI use cases.

Scale AI optimised models enable collaboration and integration with leading hyperscaler AI models, both open source and proprietary, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Google PaLM and Cohere.

All of this enterprise data is integrated into the company's data and processes in these trained models with +99% optimised scores, providing a basis for strategic differentiation from the competition.