Tax Administration

Tax Administration

Very few companies have been able to provide experience and knowledge in the Management of Revenues from Taxes, Rates and special contributions in the different Central, Regional and Local tax subsystems over the past 30-plus years.

We assist the different Tax Administrations in their ongoing processes of modernisation and evolution following regulatory changes, the simplification of procedures, and the need to offer citizens new digital services enabling them to meet their tax obligations.

+20 years

experience in the sector

+80 expert consultants

in the different tax fields

We work on all levels of taxation

National, Regional and Local

We play an active role in the transformation of our Tax Administrations

The Spanish tax system is organised as a set of taxes levied by the various levels of the Inland Revenues in Spain (State, Autonomous Communities, and Local Authorities) in order to obtain revenues to fund public services.

The different projects implemented with the Tax Administrations enable us to use Consultants with in-depth knowledge and experience in the different tax subsystems in which they have been able to participate in the implementation of the management systems for:

  • Local and assigned (direct and indirect) taxes
  • Rates
  • Special contributions
  • Fines and penalties

In addition to the various electronic services facilitating compliance by Taxpayers (self-assessments, electronic payment, etc.).

The different Tax Administrations must implement constant technological innovations to help them not only to improve tax management and cooperation, but also to progress in the fight against tax fraud in the new digital economy by improving the IT systems underpinning the management.

Furthermore, the flexibility to implement new taxes and be ready to progress with greater participation by the Autonomous Communities in tax management tasks mean that they must be more agile and flexible in their IT systems, with which BABEL is familiar and is confidently able to provide all its experience. Let’s talk. 

Multidisciplinary experience

Babel has over 30 years of knowledge and experience working with the different layers of the Tax Administration (at State, Autonomous Community and Local level) in the design and implementation of solutions for revenue management in the areas of collection, excise tax, customs, penalties, censuses, self-assessments, VAT, IGIC (Canary Island indirect tax), personal income tax, corporate income tax, non-resident income tax, successions, valuations, etc.

Working with the Tax Administration in its digital transformation through technological innovation




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