Security and Defense

Security and Defense

Our contribution to a safer country, innovating through digital transformation, building and integrating information systems.

We assist in the ongoing transformation of our Law Enforcement Forces and Agencies and Armed Forces, along with private security companies, collaborating in strengthening the system of technological capabilities to effectively and efficiently address present and future threats.

+20 years

with the Armed Forces and Security Forces

+40.000 users

of the Integrated mission critical systems

+100.000 guards

operating with our technology

We support the transformation of the Security and Defence sector

The defence industry is a strategic sector, as our defensive capacity depends to some extent on the products and services it provides, but also on its economic and technological value.

State security is confined to the Public Administration security forces, and the primary goal of the information systems is to allow the National Police Force and the Civil Guard to do their job of safeguarding the rights, freedoms and security of citizens in a more efficient and effective manner.

Large private security firms have evolved from traditional surveillance companies to companies that collect and manage security data and offer their customers real-time operational and strategic information in the form of dashboards with indicators and heat maps. This innovation also involves obtaining this increasingly automated information, supplementing the work of guards with cameras and sensors that relay events which are processed to generate alerts.

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Security and Defence value proposition

Modernisation and updating of corporate systems

Extensive knowledge of the corporate systems of the Ministry of Defence and the different technological architectures supporting them.
Experience in migration from Adabas-Natural systems in Mainframe IBM Z/OS to Unix or Linux Open systems, allowing for the improvement of application usage capabilities and reducing the maintenance costs of Software licences.
Rapid return on investment, modernising the front-end of natural systems without altering the core business. We perform re-engineering of legacy systems, undertaking the adaptation of a new development framework based on NaturalONE, impact analysis and implementation of the change and deployment strategy in the organisation.

Supply chain management systems

Experts in managing logistics processes for material procurement, and warehouse and material management.
Selected as a technological partner for the development of projects related to the future Navy 4.0.
Specialists in EDI document exchange supply chain (GS1/AECOC – EANCON) management at the Ministry of Defence and the Spanish Navy.
Experience in integration with external logistics operators for integration with the Ministry of Defence and the Navy.

Citizen document management systems

Extensive knowledge of the processes for managing Citizen Identification documents (ID cards and passports).
Highly specialised in integrating documentation systems with other organisations of the Public Administration (Ministry of Justice, Civil Registry, MIHAP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Public Employment Service, INE, Directorate General of Traffic) and private companies.

Human resource management systems

We specialise in human resources management systems, and in personnel assessment and classification processes.
Construction, configuration and maintenance of integrated remuneration systems (payroll) and their accounting.
We provide tools to consult and manage the personal information of the military forces, civil servants and employees, whenever they apply for social action grants or want to find out about permits, payslips, promotions and other personal information.
Availability of the employee portal integrated into the HR system, where you can view your data and manage your information.
Management of personnel in the area of operations, enlisting and deploying contingents on missions abroad.
Preparation and implementation of language tests with a dynamic system of test preparation and with languages with various alphabets, such as Cyrillic, Mandarin or Arabic.
Register of drivers and permits issued or approved.
Planning of the annual budget for resources and materials.


AVANTE is an integrated, two-way solution for control centres. Public and private entities in Spain manage their infrastructure alarm reception and remote control centres over AVANTE. It manages over 100,000 devices and receives more than 100,000 signals a day. Available in cloud and on-premise, it is continuously updated to approve new devices appearing in the market.

Operational security platform
Developed for a leading private surveillance company for businesses, it incorporates advanced features such as:

Internal messaging channel, with creation of ad-hoc meshes
Security for guards from operations centre
-Dynamic forms, for information collection
-Internal and customer dashboards and heat maps
-Advanced presence control
-Management of rounds and patrols. Planning
-Service QA. In-person and remote inspections




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