Employment and Social Security

Employment and Social Security

Public benefits are one of the mainstays of the welfare state. Their scope, effectiveness, financial control, or the flexibility with which they adapt to new situations are currently their greatest challenge. The transformation of their architectures, the re-engineering of their processes and the improvement of the user experience in their relationship with citizens are goals in which Babel provides specific knowledge based on our extensive experience in the sector in several countries.

+12M public benefits

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experience in the sector

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Employment and Social Security experts. Our experience speaks for itself.

At Babel we are well aware of the technological and functional situation in the field of Employment and Social Security. It is no coincidence that we have been successfully collaborating with the major organisations managing benefits for over 30 years.

Our proximity to technology, yet its independence in relation to the different solutions, together with our functional knowledge, make us a reliable travel companion. We are a combination of proven knowledge, industry expertise and innovation capability.

We are ready to confidently address the new solutions that our clients request to face the new times.

Value proposition

Retirement plans

We know the law and regulations that apply to any group of citizens paying social security in different countries.

We propose systems where employee contributions are unified, including concepts such as employment history, periods of unemployment or inactivity, or disability.

The study of the law and subsequent resolution must be adapted to the applicable legislation. We manage concepts such as minimum and maximum pensions, top-ups, or revaluations to ensure that the applications implement a fair, sustainable and efficient pension system.

We believe that with the joint participation of other sectors in which Babel is present (Mutual insurance companies or banks), we will define comprehensive systems that allow for the future of the new retirement benefit and that use new technologies to solve the existing social unknowns regarding the state pension system. 


We integrate the different sources of information regarding disabilities – companies, mutual insurance companies, public health services and the Social Security – into a single system of an organisation, this being the first step towards properly managing this benefit.

We also define systems that unify the medical controls performed on an employee, allowing for the construction of Medical Records that facilitate their evaluation and expedite their subsequent resolution.

We provide our systems with the ability to review these processes, based on medical criteria or legal deadlines, and this information is essential when granting new extensions, final decisions, or the termination of disability benefits.

Undue charges

Some public administrations have the role of ensuring the correct payment of benefits and assistance. In order to comply with this, they have a very strict process of reviewing the benefits and assistance recognised in the offices, checking that all the requirements have been met at the initial moment of approval and during the time when the assistance is collected.


Undue charges occur when, at the time of recognising the benefit or subsidy, all the requirements for granting it were not met or when the citizen does not inform the institution of a change in his/her personal situation which affects this specific aid and prevents him/her from continuing to receive the benefit because he/she no longer meets the requirements.

To minimise this situation, Babel is working with these institutions to analyse the related processes, the cross-referencing of information that is currently carried out, and proposing the incorporation of improvements to the systems to meet this goal. 

Reserve Fund

The Social Security Reserve Fund was created as a result of the institutional requirements for the Social Security system, and the common consensus among political and social forces and the Government. In order to establish the special and reserve funds allocated to meet future needs in the field of contributory benefits arising from deviations between Social Security income and expenses.

Since its creation in 2000, Babel has given its assessment for the functional design of the management and control system for these funds. By way of an example, high-level dashboards were drawn up, identifying a series of indicators relating to information on compliance with investment criteria, or the IRR (internal rate of return) of the portfolio, or the details of the duration of the debt of the investments made, % of the SSRF in relation to GDP, etc., which were of great value to the institution.

BABEL has given its assessment for the functional design of the management and control system for these funds.

Collected revenue

We promote integration with the different sources of information within the same organisation, as well as with information from other bodies of the Administration, leading to stronger collection procedures.

We help to implement systems that allow for the elimination of paper by using telematic communications with the different financial institutions, and adopt the concept of comprehensive collection, making use of information from membership data and from other sources of information, such as the different types of property/real estate, vehicles, rights/obligations, payments by POS systems, etc., which is data required to conduct any seizure procedure.

These systems are capable of providing the organisation’s managers with more agile and reliable information, for more effective monitoring and management. Likewise, through new technologies, we are capable of reducing the gap between Collected revenue closer and SMEs and the Self-employed through non-face-to-face procedures and their conducting using telematic resources.

Economic management and budgetary control

We are involved in building systems that facilitate the directive and management functions of budget accounting in the Public Administration. These systems ensure compliance with the established management, control, analysis and information, and the submission of accounts and other documents to be submitted by the system entities to the Court of Auditors.

Our experience in this field enables us to define applications covering the accounting cycle of an organisation – the budget figure posted, the execution of expenditure and revenue, non-budgetary operations, working capital, registering of invoices, and ordering and completing electronic payments – allowing for the subsequent processing of annual accounts and economic and financial information.

Technological transformation

We work in the area of Employment and Social Security, which are the most relevant bodies in driving the transformation of the Administration. Both citizens and public employees who come into contact with new ways of work are more satisfied, and the quality of public services improves. But we have only just begun…

In transformation processes, having close references can sometimes act as an example and allow for solutions to be adopted in our area of application.

Process-based management, service orientation, agile methodologies, continuous delivery… these are all concepts that Babel will incorporate into its organisation to boost citizen relations. We are the perfect partner to lead your transformation, just as we have been doing for the past 30 years. 

Unemployment benefits

One of the mainstays of our knowledge in Employment and Social Security is unemployment benefits. We have been collaborating in the entire benefit management cycle for years. From technical support to the management areas to the development of different projects in collaboration with the technology areas of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

Our collaboration in fundamental tasks, such as the analysis of processes or the defining of technical requirements for the needs arising from demanding and constantly evolving regulations, and our participation and leadership in the development of projects supporting the services provided by the SEPE, have been a fundamental element in bringing these services closer to citizens, companies and other organisations.




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