Health and Care

Health and Care

The essence of transformation in the health sector is digital. Not only in terms of technology and processes, but also adoption by people and professionals. The most disruptive technologies are already available to produce a new medicine, but the challenge is now to implement it through innovative and sustainable initiatives and projects.

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We are at a time of disruption and a new personalised, preventive, predictive and participatory medicine. We therefore need a comprehensive, integrated social and healthcare model that is sustainable, coordinated, people-oriented, and more efficient. And the challenge must be the implementation and adoption of technologies, aimed at responding to constantly changing needs and priorities.

From a patient perspective, we provide a 360º view of people. Focusing on aspects such as prevention, the patient experience and empowerment, humanisation of healthcare environments, care of the elderly, process efficiency and data analytics.

We collaborate with all actors involved in the healthcare ecosystem

From a business perspective, we find companies from different sectors with strategies to get closer to the customer/patient/prescriber and an intensive use of technologies to generate business and improve the relationship models with people. In this sense, our main objective is to provide integrated solutions, with a fluid and omnichannel user experience.

With whom do we work? We have companies, organisations and players from throughout the ecosystem as clients, such as health insurers, hospitals, primary care, public health services, pharma, social services, etc. We also actively collaborate with partners and providers specialising in health technology.

Value proposition

Open mobility platforms

We help large organisations mobilise their services, geared towards both patients and healthcare professionals.

We head the design and deployment of open platforms for the secure integration and exchange of mobile data with third parties through advanced apification of clinical system interfaces and services.

Remote medical care

We cover the strategy, consulting, design and integration of monotonisation solutions for the elderly, the dependent or the chronically ill, allowing for real-time health monitoring. Including IoT (sensorisation) technologies, wearables, video consulting, etc. with a strong user experience component so that both preventive and healthcare measures can be implemented.

Digital Transformation Office

We promote the transformation of processes in large healthcare organisations with a specific business vision and cross-cutting capabilities in technical and functional areas. We transform management into areas such as planning, infrastructure, development, operations, interoperability, architecture, quality, analytics and big data, security, etc.

Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT)
We collaborate in initiatives to integrate physical devices into the digital reality in order to monitor and anticipate operational and strategic needs in any aspect related to the socio-health areas. Relevant examples and use cases include:

-Intelligent hospital
-Energy efficiency
-Temperature control of vaccines/cultures
-Patient locating
-Control of bed occupancy
-Guidance of people in healthcare centres
-Integration into shift systems
-Maintenance of the cold chain in transport
-Sample traceability
-Monitoring and control of hospital assets

Digital platforms for health services
We are collaborating in the design and implementation of various platforms for insurers and hospital groups, as well as in their digital business strategies.

We base our activities on four key areas:

Overall range of products and services
-Digital services
-Customer Centricity
-Patient Centricity

Advanced clinical management
We are experts in the customisation, implementation and multi-centre deployment of advanced clinical management solutions, both in primary care and specialist care, as well as other clinical management healthcare systems. As an example, we headed the design and implementation of the management system for a Radiopharmacy unit in the nuclear medicine department, with tangible benefits in quality management, traceability and efficiency in the manufacture, preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals.


Definition of the strategy and integration of solutions for real-time communications and exchange of health data between organisations, systems and medical devices (HIS, HCE, tests, online appointments, laboratories, hospital units, etc.).

We work on all levels of interoperability:

-Technical level (API, Web Services, XML, EDI, etc.)
-Syntactic level (HL7 standards, DICOM, IHE, etc.)
-Semantic level in healthcare networks (SERAM, SNOMED, LOINC, etc.)
-Organisational level, in which different organisations collaborate to integrate processes.

Health and wellness

We develop and implement services aimed at wellbeing and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Our solutions apply to a range of areas including food and diet, physical exercise (fitness), mental gymnastics, wellness and mindfulness. All this allows for personal monitoring and follow-up of the evolution of health indicators, highly focused on prevention.

Patient centricity

We design patient-centred strategies and processes in all areas of digital health, specifically to facilitate their influence and enable greater empowerment and collaboration during treatment or care.

We define or review the complete digital patient journey, and are able to create customised journeys by disease, treatment or procedure, identifying the contact points and digital assets involved at any given time.

We are convinced of the benefits of a collaborative medical-patient model, applicable throughout the diagnosis-treatment cycle compared to other traditional models.

Digital medical imaging-applied intelligence

We have collaborated in multiple initiatives within the field of digital medical imaging, such as the expansion of telemedicine, the incorporation of circuits from other imaging services, and the development of clinical tools.

We were able to digitally transform hospital medical imaging services into the new reality of interoperability, continued care, precision medicine, radiomics, and artificial intelligence.

Health data analytics
We are experts in the processing and use of medical data at clinical and management level.

We apply advanced models (descriptive and predictive) to large volumes of data with different uses such as prevention, early diagnosis, genetic analysis, optimisation of healthcare resources, etc.

Prevention management systems

We have transformed the prevention workflow as of hiring. Using the benefits of technology, we create specific medical programmes and streamline the process of appointments and admissions in centres where medical examinations and laboratory tests are performed and reflected in medical reports.

The emergence of new technologies and medical devices means that greater information on health is provided and provided. BABEL’s integration capabilities into existing processes mean these solutions increase end-customer satisfaction.

The contribution of a large technological team linked to a business team offers results in a changing sector, with critical processes in the management of medical data and documentation for the coordination of professional activities of employees and equipment for companies.

Health accreditation systems

Accreditation is an essential part of advanced models of health quality, which is already widely developed in current law and is a basic guarantee within the information and quality rights of health system users.

At Babel we collaborate with the bodies responsible for the management of health accreditation models, defining and implementing procedures and systems that allow for this management. Not only in standard areas, such as the accreditation of professionals, healthcare centres or clinical units, but also in advanced areas such as the accreditation of healthcare training, research units, websites, and mobile healthcare applications.

Process Transformation and Integration

We are involved in surveying, re-engineering, designing and managing processes through BPA. We help define healthcare business architectures with a global vision on an end-to-end, analytical and monitoring process level.


We are working on applying ICTs to remote medical practice: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients. Through secure systems in the transmission and use of information, and with direct application in use cases such as remote diagnosis, remote presence, virtual consultation, remote rehabilitation, monitoring, digital training and collaborative work. Our solutions streamline the exchange of information between professionals and allow for collaboration between clinical management units. We focus on HCPs (HealthCare Professionals) to incorporate their vision into system and solution design, and promote their adoption through innovative and enabling elements of change management.




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