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Our vision of security allows us to offer you a complete range of services, products and solutions for cybersecurity.

Our vision of security is based on a broad technological and methodological expertise based on knowledge of our customers' business and processes.

In this approach, the role of our Security Operations Centre, or eSOC, is crucial. Certified under ISO 27000, ISO 20000 and ENS [the Spanish National Security Framework], it is a member of FIRST, the leading global security incident response organisation and CSIRT, a platform that brings together the leading Spanish security incident response teams.

On the strategic security front, we have a team of consultants specialising in security governance, risk management and regulatory and legal compliance, who are widely certified.

In addition, we have developed a GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) platform called ePULPO that makes it easier for organisations to manage IT processes and information security in an integrated manner. 

Cybersecurity Service

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