Security Management

Some factors in the environment have forced organisations to face the technological challenges that have to be dealt with by the IT department. Security management services are becoming increasingly essential for business continuity.

Faced with new types of cyber-attacks and the complexity of brand preservation, competitive protection and customer satisfaction, our security management solution is based on monitoring security devices, managing incidents, offering you secure configuration templates (hardening), vulnerability alerts, digital surveillance, technical security audits and penetration testing.

Key benefits Security Monitoring Testing Alerts

Associated services

Red Team. Vulnerability testing.  

Our Red Team tests the effectiveness of our clients’ security systems. Our experts simulate behaviours and techniques similar to those of the attackers in the most realistic way possible in order to identify weaknesses and assess the effectiveness of the defences.  


The Ethical Hacking and Penetration Test services use different techniques and tools to try to locate possible vulnerabilities in infrastructure and information systems by analysing the consequences of malicious use, in order to take appropriate measures before a security incident occurs

Security Operations Centre (eSOC/CSIRT)

The services offered in a 24×7 mode incorporate those related to the operation and technical management of security, including the execution of all preventive actions, operation and configuration of devices, response to incidents, identification of points of improvement in information security, analysis and risk assessment in order to offer the best response to possible threats. In addition, our eSOC is distributed between our offices in Málaga, Seville and Santiago de Chile.

eSOC is a member of the world’s premier and leading security incident response organisation: FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams). It is an international confederation of what are known as CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams), i.e., trusted teams that cooperatively respond to and manage security incidents and promote prevention programmes.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides us with a holistic approach to managing the security of our IT infrastructure.  

For security event management, we rely on different tools that detect anomalies, reveal advanced threats and eliminate false positives. They consolidate log events and network flow data from thousands of endpoints, applications and devices distributed across the network. In addition to normalising and correlating this data and identifying attacks, they use various lists of potentially malicious IP addresses that include malware hosts, spam sources and other threats.  

A crucial role for corporate security  

In recent years, cybercrime and cyber attacks are increasing exponentially. This is why system and network monitoring plays a crucial role in helping companies protect themselves, and this is where SIEMs are playing a key role in increasing the level of corporate security.  

How do we protect you? 

  • Availability information: Networking and perimeter security: Router firewall, IDS, IPS, WAF…
  • Event and flow information: Systems Infrastructure. Storage, servers, virtualisation… 
  • Vulnerability information: Operating System and Base Software: Windows, Unix, Apache… 
  • Correlation rules: Business applications: CRM, ERP, BI… 
  • Context information: Proprietary applications and data: custom applications, data and communications…


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