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Babel has been recognised by Outsystems with the UX / UI Competency Badge, an accolade held by only six companies worldwide, confirming Babel as one of OutSystems’ most technologically capable and advanced partners worldwide. The accolade recognises the multinational for its User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) skills as part of the OutSystems Competency Badges, created to promote the technical capabilities of its partners based on their proven experience.

Outsystems recognises companies that exemplify the power of high-performance low-code to make IT and development more proactive, agile, and sustainable in creating business-critical applications. In 2022, it highlighted Babel’s technical skills and business knowledge, recognising its distinctive capabilities in areas relevant to the development of companies’ technological activity. The badge forms part of a Partner Competencies programme, which drives and promotes the technical capabilities and expertise of Outsystems partners globally, requiring them to submit multiple projects with companies that meet specific requirements.

This is a new award for Babel from Outsystems, which at the 2020 European Awards recognised the multinational technology company as European Partner of the Year, and in 2021 also bestowed recognition within the Government category, among others.

Babel has found in OutSystems a powerful transformation engine for companies, which not only solves the problem of the complexity of software development at organisations, but also provides a strategic architecture solution on which to develop complex and complete applications with a single language and short lead times, serving to increase the capacity of companies to invest in innovation.

We draw great satisfaction from being recognised by Outsystems with the UX / UI Competency Badge,” says Tony Olivo, CEO of Babel. “This is a recognition that brings us worldwide prestige and positioning, placing us among the top six companies in this field of knowledge and experience in the implementation of OutSystems technology at our customers. The award provides further proof of how much we can unquestionably do to help develop large companies around the world.”

Babel has a team of over 100 people specialised and certified in OutSystems.

Marketing  and Communication Babel
Marketing and Communication Babel

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