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Designing with cloud consumption models in mind allows organizations to face their business challenges with a focus on agility, speed and cost control.

Cloud models are no longer just about elastic availability of resources and services, owing to public clouds provided by hyperscalers. A Cloud model has become a way of working and dealing with challenges related to business and people. The elasticity, acceleration and digitalization that the virtualization of infrastructure has brought about has unlocked new paradigms such as the instantaneousness of resources, services, architectures and managed services, all this with the ease of innovating more quickly.

At Babel, we design infrastructures, services and solutions with the cloud in mind, allowing organizations to face their business challenges with a focus on agility, speed, traction and control over costs. These new capabilities also imply new implicit challenges such as security, governance, automation of operations, architectures with a native focus on the cloud or building, providing development teams with responsible flexibility.

At Babel, we offer services and solutions with support ranging from specific support for cloud projects to managed monitoring, operation and administration services in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. We help organisations get the most out of each cloud contract by maximising cost savings and accelerating the implementation of their projects and assets, always ensuring the security of their environments with our cybersecurity team.

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