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eCALLER: A 360º solution for the healthcare sector

Multi-center Contact Center oriented to public and private healthcare organizations that require the management, coordination and monitoring of pre-hospital services or emergency medical transfers.

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This is a multi-centre Contact Centre aimed at public and private healthcare organisations that require the management, coordination and monitoring of pre-hospital services or emergency and health emergency transfers, as well as the management and coordination of a fleet of their own or third-party healthcare vehicles.

Within the eCaller product family we offer: eCaller Emergencias, eCaller Ambulancias and eSalux.

Our products

eCALLER Emergencies

eCALLER Emergencies is an emergency coordination system, with a high functional capacity that supports all processes and operations in this area.

This tool supports the complete cycle of attention to requests for assistance: from the management of calls to emergency numbers (112, 911, 132, 061…) to the classification of the request, in order to determine severity levels and assign the appropriate resources.

It is a product with technical and functional features aimed at providing a high-quality service to citizens, allowing streamline and optimize the response / action to a request for help.

eCALLER Ambulances

eCALLER Ambulances is a comprehensive solution for organisations and private companies that provide emergency services, emergency and critical patient transfers.

It provides reliable, real-time information on the services, status and position of emergency vehicles. This factor is the key to its success, since it optimises management, reduces costs and improves efficiency in the service to citizens.


eSALUX is our solution for the integrated management of medical services offered by insurance companies.

eSALUX has been designed based on a key aspect: the integration of the communication systems of the insurance companies with the management platforms of their processes.

Therefore, its main function is the management of the complete cycle that begins with the request for a medical service: from the attention and classification of the call, dispatch of the service and coordination, mobilization of the necessary resources and follow-up.

Thanks to its technical and functional characteristics, it offers a high-quality service; providing fast, coordinated and efficient responses to insurance companies, healthcare providers and their partners.