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Insurance Core

The global solution for any insurance entity.


7 Branches

+500K managed policies

+1.2M insured members



The AMAINE Amazing Insurance Engine is a comprehensive management platform for insurance companies covering the whole of the activity and business cycle from product creation (business rules engine), listing and production to claim and supplier management, distribution networks, reinsurance, provision calculation, etc.

The company has its own product configurator, warranties and business rules, meaning it can manage life and non-life products. It was conceived as a multi-branch solution from the start.

AMAINE was designed and implemented under a service-oriented architecture (SOA) model for easy access from any channel and for third-party integration. The architecture facilitates integration with different distribution channels (brokers, insurance banks, brokerage firms, coverholders, etc.).

AMAINE is also integrated with industry bodies such as TIREA and leverages the main defined industry standards (EIAC, SINCO, FIVA, ESA, SIR, etc.).