Mobile Cloud Native

For Babel, Mobile Cloud Native services are an essential part of digital transformation and Cloud adoption in organisations. 



Continuous delivery

Integrated Security

Main advantages Efficiency Scalability Integrated Security Continuous delivery

What is Babel Mobile Cloud Native for Babel Mobile?

One of the main advantages of Mobile Cloud Native is that it is built from scratch, optimised for scalability and performance in Cloud environments. These Mobile applications are based on microservices architectures which use managed services benefiting from continuous delivery models in order to achieve reliability and faster Time To Market.

From the outset, the design has been designed to take full advantage of the cloud resources offered by hyperscalers and to adapt to changing business needs. 

The main benefits offered by Babel's Mobile Cloud Native services and solutions are:

  • Efficiency and Scalability: By using microservices architectures, applications can automatically scale according to the demand and needs of the service or product.
  • Continuous delivery: Delivery automation allows you to launch new features quickly and keep the App up to date.
  • Integrated Security: Mobile Cloud Native benefit from the enterprise-grade security provided by the hyperscaler platform.