Speech, Vision

Cognitive Services are a set of tools based on complex service-based AI models that enable vision capabilities to be embedded in applications and services. Babel integrates these processing models into various tasks, such as: 

Visual Content Tagging: Cognitive services can tag visual content, from objects to concepts. They can also extract printed and handwritten text from images and recognise familiar features such as marks and landmarks. 

Content Moderation: Cognitive moderation services can analyse images and videos to identify inappropriate or unwanted content. This is useful for maintaining quality and security on online platforms.

Image and Video Recognition: Recognition of objects, faces, places and scenes in pictures and videos. This functionality is applicable to photo albums, security systems and visual data analysis.

Common Applications: Vision services are applied in areas such as fraud detection, process automation, customer experience improvement and supply chain optimisation.

These services provide pre-trained models ready to use in your applications, which means you don’t need data or model training. 

Visual Content Tagging

Image and Video Recognition

Content Moderation

Common Applications