Language & decision

Generative AI is an exciting field that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and creativity to create new and original content. In particular, the combination of Language & Decision within Generative AI opens up a new frontier of opportunities to solve business and creative challenges.  

Smart Decision Making: Generative AI can help in business decision-making. For example, by analysing historical data and trends, future results can be predicted and strategies optimised.

Creative Text Generation: Using generative language models, such as GPT-3, stories, poems, dialogues and language elements can be created. These models can generate coherent and compelling content based on the inputs provided. 

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots: Generative AI-based chatbots can have natural conversations with users. They can provide contextual and personalised responses in real time.

Visual Content Generation: The combination of language and vision can generate detailed descriptions of images and videos. This is useful for accessibility, metadata creation and searching for visual content.

Creative Text Generation

Smart Decision Making

Virtual Assistants

Visual Content Generation