Learning Experiences

At Babel Learning Experiences, we understand the improvement of employees’ skills as a lever for competitive advantage and the success of organisations, and to achieve this we design efficient, relevant, impactful and motivating learning experiences. 

Our proposal is the result of our experience, and we apply it from 3 points of view: Educational, methodological and technical. We do not focus on creating products or services, but on designing experiences that optimise learning and generate engagement. 

Learning environments

Management and continuous improvement

Contents and materials

Main advantages Pedagogy Methodology Learning Commitment

Learning Experiences Services

Learning environments: Tailor-made platforms, integrations, technical office, delegated administration, etc.

Contents and materials: Tailor-made projects, content factoring, Gamification, Simulators, etc.

Management and continuous improvement: Consultancy, Training management, Strategies, Dynamisation, Delivery and tutoring, etc.