Architecture & Assesment

What happens if we put strategy, communication, technology, creativity and impact in a cocktail shaker? Babel Awareness to action designs and implements ‘awareness-raising’ plans, which go beyond generating impact, as they seek the involvement and commitment of people.  

Beyond ideas, we analyse needs and gather internal and external insights with a strategic approach to align desired impact with mission and values. Our creative, communication and technical team supports the strategy in order to create a plan that generates an emotional connection, as this is what moves people to action, leaving the subject matter in the background. 

Our aim is not only to capture attention, but to maintain it and promote stable behaviours and conduct, for which we use techniques such as: Experiential marketing, seeking the WOW effect, Storytelling, with narratives that generate gamification and immersive experiences that are attractive, fun and memorable, etc. 

Awareness to action services

360º Awareness-raising and sensitisation

Cybersecurity awareness plans: CyberSafe Training ToolKit, 21 Days Challenge CyberSafe Executive and Social Engineering Tests for Risk Scoring Measurement

Awareness plans on Sustainability (SDGs), Health & Wellbeing, etc.