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Modern Workplace


Our advisory services are designed to assess current environments and develop a vision and roadmap for implementing digital, interactive and smart workplaces. This vision can be landed through the use of new technologies that speed up their value enhancement.
The modern digital workplace will help departments collaborate and work as a team on analysing data, creating solutions and automating business processes to effectively address new challenges, improve efficiency and reduce process costs. 


Modern Workplace Assessment 

1. We will analyse your level of maturity in Modern Workplace services. This involves obtaining all the information we need to ensure the success of the digital transformation process. To do this, we will analyse your communications and collaboration tools, giving you a score to measure your degree of maturity. 

2. We will design the digital transformation process tailored to your business scenarios. 

- We will define scope, goals and KPIs. 

- We will identify and prioritise business scenarios. 

- We will design and develop a change management process that is critical to ensuring that people in the organisation understand and make use of the benefits of transformation. To do so, we will use gamification, user experience, training and support service techniques. 

3. We will use technology as a resource, relying on the best communications, collaboration and productivity solutions that will enable you to reduce costs by up to 30%. 

4. We will execute a measurement and reinforcement plan to ensure success and identify the return on investment. 

- We will analyse the measurements of key indicators and determine improvement actions. 

- We will execute the activities of the reinforcement plan to make adoption a success.