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The way we build applications is also undergoing a transformation through platforms that increase productivity, make the build more intuitive for developers, and manage the entire lifecycle to speed up delivery time. 

Low-code platforms are to applications what the cloud is to infrastructure: a solution to solve the problem of software development complexity. Low-code platforms unify the maturity of the software development sector in a single solution. 

The goal of these platforms is to provide companies with a strategic architectural solution on which to develop applications with much shorter delivery times than in traditional development. This gives companies back time and capacity to invest in innovation and thus distance themselves from their competitors. 

These platforms provide development tools to build complex and comprehensive applications with a single language, and deliver results in less time. 

Low-code platforms also provide savings for companies in the form of more efficient equipment that requires less management effort, opportunity cost and immunity from technological obsolescence. 

Speed of development is combined perfectly with an agile methodology based on continuous definition and delivery with close business alignment. Thanks to this type of solution, we can assist in projects from the outset thanks to rapid and functional prototyping. 

For the development team, it provides a wider overview of projects by reducing their size and giving greater prominence to their members, making them full-stack and enabling them to spend more time working with the business. 

It is crucial that the platform provide us with the following aspects: 

  • A unique environment from which to build multi-experience applications.  

  • Integral management of the lifecycle of applications. 

  • Ease of integration into other corporate systems or applications. 

  • Scalability response and security. 

  • Continuous improvements in new capabilities that enable us to keep pace with the market through innovative solutions. 


Deliveries in weeks, not months

New Developers

Closer to business, the self-employed and the self-organised

+50 OutSystems Certificates

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