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DevOps / DevSecOps

Babel Devops.  Aerial shot of a building with multiple stairs.

The competitive situation at present forces us to reach the market with new digital products at the right time. This can mark the difference between failure and success. Adopting the DevOps working philosophy, which integrates all participants and aligns them in a single goal, significantly helps fulfil this purpose. This is what DevOps entails. Making all the needs, efforts and technologies related to information systems available for a common purpose.

Incorporated into the bloodline of this practice, and bound by the critical nature of the security aspects currently required by digital products, DevSecOps was created. This version serves to combine different security disciplines within the new workflow, from the conceptualisation of the product itself to its release, ensuring a more secure product before it is made available to users.

Therefore, by incorporating these working models, we will improve not only the quality, reliability and security of our digital products, but also the time-to-market required by today’s organisations.

Applied in a wide variety

of technologies and settings

Internal adoption

at all levels

+NN projects

adapted internally

Tools are not everything… but we prefer to use the best.

  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Jenkins
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Docker
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Kubernetes
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Azure
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo AWS
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Google Cloud
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo NaturalONE
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Webmethods
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Git
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Terraform