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Our vision of 360º Security allows us to offer you a complete range of services, products and solutions for cybersecurity. 


Our vision of 360º Security is based on a broad technological and methodological knowledge that is based on the knowledge of the business and processes of our customers. This allows us to offer you a complete range of services, products and solutions for cybersecurity.

In this global approach, the role of our Security Operations Center, known as eSOC, stands out. Certified ISO 27,000, ISO 20,000 and ENS, it is a member of FIRST, the world's leading security incident response organization, and CSIRT, a platform composed of the most important security incident response teams in Spain.

The eSOC centralises and coordinates all activities aimed at guaranteeing the security of our clients' infrastructures and services. To this end, the security experts that make up the eSOC, distributed in 3 locations in different countries, have access to the most up-to-date information on security vulnerabilities and the latest trends in cyber threats.

Our eSOC is a member of the FIRST and CSIRT organisations.

At the strategic security level, we have a team of consultants specialised in security governance, risk management and regulatory and legal compliance, widely certified with a proven methodology through countless national and international references from large public and private clients. This team coordinates with the eSOC and with network and systems engineers and technicians trained in the latest technologies and leading manufacturers.  

Additionally, we have developed a GRC platform called ePULPO that facilitates organisations the integral management of IT processes and information security aligned with compliance with established regulations and standards, through a powerful yet simple interface that integrates CCN-CERT tools such as PILAR for risk analysis and management, and LUCIA for cyber-incident management.

We have outstanding security references at national and international level in public administration (national, regional, local), banking, insurance, infrastructure, utilities, industry, health and education.  

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