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How we are, how we think, how we relate with each other… We have created our own philosophy, it is called Inspiring Babel. Happiness, evolution of talent, flexibility, shared leadership, authenticity, diversity and commitment to the planet are the basis of our inspiration.

Wanting to know more?

Join Hopper and immerse yourself in our world: Inspiring BABEL.



“Happiness, what a beautiful name you have” is the lyrics of a song by La Cabra Mecánica. It's also one of our obsessions: we want happy coworkers. And it is not enough to wish it, we constantly work on initiatives that fosters happiness at work.

Evolution of our talent

Because for us evolution is not just a theory, it is also a fact. As we like to learn and we are curious, we feel responsible for the evolution of your talent. We want you to grow professionally with us.

Hopper climbing stairs
Hopper on horseback with a sword

Shared leadership

You learn to lead, and if we do it together, the better. We are responsible and committed and communication is one of our strengths, so we bet to shared leadership. There are no bosses here, only collaborators.


We are what we seem. Honest, true to our principles, authentic and consistent. We like to be like that and we want to surround you with people with the same values. Do you want to be yourself?

Hopper with a mask


We like to learn with differences, diversity enriches us. We bet on teams where we all have the same opportunities, where flexibility, respect and empathy reign.

Committed to the planet

We try to build a better world. We feel responsible, actively, beyond fashions, to take care of our collective home, with initiatives that promote the sustainability and habitability of the planet. Now, more than ever, the future of the planet is in our hands.

Hopper watering the planet


Trust is one of our pillars. So, as coworkers we have control over the time and space from which we work. Flexibility helps to reconcile and generates well-being. Happy coworkers, productive coworkers.