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Driving force of the railway sector

Babel IoT Adif. Landscape of a bridge crossing a river

Vertical solution for rail infrastructure security on our IoT platform 

High-speed and conventional lines

Stations and infrastructure

Logistics for freight or passengers

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  1. 01

    Homogeneous, coordinated operations of all control centres with an inventory of devices that has evolved in line with the market.

  2. 02

    Capacity to provide new functions for operations, available in the solution.

  3. 03

    Year-round 24-hour reliability

    Constant chat with thousands of security devices requires strong, non-stop solutions with alternative operations and resources in place to guarantee continuity of the activity in the event of widespread circumstances. The construction and operating of systems of these characteristics, technical demands, tools, and specific experiences. Scalability is one of the foundations of our technology, along with the technologies of third-parties that we incorporate into our solutions.

  4. 04

    Distributed control centres

    The ongoing interaction between our platform and the inventory of devices may require human involvement whenever events or situations occur, as established by the business. This involvement takes place from control centres where operators are assisted in the actions and decisions they are to make.

  5. 05

    Different devices for a unified view

    The variety of devices, protocols and uses, including equipment requiring bidirectional operations, must not affect conditions and operations whenever human involvement is required in alarm monitoring processes. A unique operating model and operations adapted to the actual situation of the service and not dependent on the devices represent one of the challenges met.