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Finding true north with ING

Babel Agile ING. An office window with post-its

Agile is a life philosophy for the first financial institution in Spain to implement this method of work. We assist in all the evolutions that have taken place, from the first scrum teams, scaling up, and the incorporation of business with BizDevOps. Agile is a company culture, it involves our usual way of thinking alongside with ING, putting the client first and offering it the highest value possible.


Scrum and Kanban teams


Completion of the scaling up process, Agile organisation


Restructuring of the tribe-base Spotify model
Babel Agile ING. Esquema resumen de estrategia Agile
Babel Agile ING. Esquema resumen explicando el concepto de squad, chapters y tribus

Find out about the result

  1. 01

    More than 1000 people in an agile organisation, where Babel participates with 10% of this personnel

    Optimised process of continuous delivery to add constant value to the client. Self-managed proprietary teams of an end-to-end product.

  2. 02

    Agile implementation

    Project implementation through iterative, incremental agile methodology.

  3. 03

    Value focus

    Focusing on delivering business value versus the more technical traditional approach to projects.

  4. 04

    Cross-cutting collaboration

    Multifunctional squads and cross-cutting knowledge teams (chapters and guilds).

  5. 05

    User experience

    Harmonisation in the functional value proposition, prioritising user experience.

  6. 06

    Minimise impact

    Reduce the gap between global initiatives, local strategy and implementation.

  7. 07

    Improve decision-making

    Support in project management by promoting transparency and providing an overall vision.

  8. 08

    Maximise resources

    People, Finance, Assets.

  9. 09

    Analysis of implementation problems

    Identification of synergies between projects, dependencies, risks and impediments.